EASTSUN EPD 2.9'' 3colors electronic price tag for supermarket

EASTSUN EPD 2.9'' 3colors electronic price tag  for supermarket

Model No.︰E-E29

Brand Name︰EASTSUN

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 14 / pc

Minimum Order︰200 pc

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Product Description

E-paper digital display tag remote wifi  electronic price label 

Product Description


Electronic shelf label system(ESLs)is an electronic display device which can be placed on the shelf and replaced the traditional paper price label,each electronic shelf label is connected to the computer database throught wireless network and displays the latest information on its screen.Automated ESL system helps retailers to reduce labor cost,improve efficient and customer’s experience.

ESL electronic shelf label system is consists of 3 parts:a base station,E-tag,ESL software ;ESL PDA(optional)and other components(optional).




How does EASTSUN ESL system to works?

The EASTSUN Electronic Shelf Label System processes the data of the label information system by the computer and uses TCP / IP protocol (supports wireless network) to transmit the data to the base station;the Base tation can receive the refresh data sent by computer with cable/wifi throught the RF wireless signal and transmit information to ESL to display new contents and realize the product information real-time updates.


What are the features & benefits of Eastsun Electronic Shelf Labels ?

Communication function

1: Far transmission distance: The coverage area of the base station signal reaches a radius of 30 meters, which is equivalent to a base station sufficient to manage a store of more than 2,000 square meters (ideal state).

2: Safe and reliable: The manufacturer customizes the two-way communication encryption transmission technology to ensure the transmission of data.

3: strong penetrability: the transmission signal can penetrate the continuous solid cement wall within the signal range

4: Strong anti-interference ability: electronic price tag work communication avoids the working channel of digital and home appliances products such as Bluetooth and WIFE, and is not susceptible to signal interference from other electronic devices.


Software function

1: Compatible with Windows OS system:Window 7/8/10,XP;

2: It monitors price updates (including errors & battery levels);

3: Template management function, you can DIY pictures and any contents that you want;

4: Support CSV file import function;

5: The software display language supports DIY to customize the language of each country, not only the Chinese/English language display interface;

6: The software displays content to support user-defined DIY idioms;

7: Provide Webservice SDK to facilitate customer system docking;

8: The E-E75 label can be designed to Horizontal and vertical display;

9:Provice API to customer so that they can develop their own software by temselves



Easy installation

1: The customer can install it by himself, EASTSUN provide System Installation instrudction, ESL system User Manual and the Troubleshooting Manual.

2: Support remote installation by Teamviewer/Anydesk;

3: The same system can support both stand-alone version and cloud network version, customers do not have to worry about data management problems in the future;

4: The base station has two network connection modes, one is a general-purpose RJ45 Ethernet port, and the other is a WIFE mode of autonomous networking;

5: Plug and play, easy to understand, easy to change employees.

2.1 and 2.9 inch ESL






Layout Designer

EASTSUN provides an ESL Tag display layout management tool that allows the system manager to easily design ESL layouts.

 2.1inch ESL



Company Information




A:  What advantages does it have?

Q: Save time, save money,  reduce artifical mistakes, environmental protection


A:What is your lead time?

Q:For sample, 3-7 days; for big order, 20-50 days.


A.Do you offer ESL SDK?

Q:Yes,we supply ESL SDK to customer,they can integrate the ESL system to their system.


A.Do you have a system architect drawing /diagram we can use to understand how does the ESL interacts with the POS/DB?

1)ESL Server open a Web Service interface, customer's system can push information into ESL system by invoking the Webservice; 
2) ESL server can config and synchronize customers' data. ESL Server can read the data from the Database of Customer's system; 
3)Customer's system output the information to a file( csv), ESL Server read and synchronize the file.
4)ESL server can be timed to visit & read the file or database offered by customers, and to obtain information of merchandises proactively.


A.Do you supply ESL demo kit for testing?

Q:Yes,we have 2 sets of standard ESL demo kit for customer testing.











Price Terms︰ FOB zhuhai

Payment Terms︰ L/CD/AD/PT/TWestern UnionMoneyGram/paypal

Packing︰ carton

Lead Time︰ 5-15workdays

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