Electronic shelf label e-paper price tag ESL demo kit for customer testing

Electronic shelf label  e-paper price tag ESL demo kit for customer testing

Model No.︰ESL demon

Brand Name︰Eastsun

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 950 / set

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

EASTSUN Electronic shelf label DEMO kit

Product Description


Electronic shelf label system(ESLs)is an electronic display device which can be placed on the shelf and replaced the traditional paper price label,each electronic shelf label is connected to the computer database throught wireless network and displays the latest information on its screen.Automated ESL system helps retailers to reduce labor cost,improve efficient and customer’s experience.

ESL electronic shelf label system consists of a base station,E-tag,ESL software , ESL server ,ESL PDA(optional)and other components.




How does EASTSUN ESL system to works?

The EASTSUN Electronic Shelf Label System processes the data of the label information system by the computer and uses TCP / IP protocol (supports wireless network) to transmit the data to the base station;the Base tation can receive the refresh data sent by computer with cable/wifi throught the RF wireless signal and transmit information to ESL to display new contents and realize the product information real-time updates.

How EASTSUN ESL works.jpg


What are the features & benefits of Eastsun Electronic Shelf Labels ?

– Enables immediate price reaction- save time/labour with automatic price updates.

– Real-time pricing, with quick store updating.

– Implement “Happy Hour”, demand-based price changes, or seasonal/promotional/strategic pricingwhich is difficult (or impossible) to implement with traditional price labels.

– Improves customer loyalty with reliable pricingno price errors (faster checkout lines).

– Reduces loss from unpriced goods.

– Reduces operating costs- more cost efficient than paper.

– Launch marketing campaigns at any time.

– Answer stock questions on the spot (stock status on hand).

– Modern, seamless technological integration with stores environment.


What advantages do Eastsun Electronic Shelf Labels have?

– Software is developed by our own team of experts. It monitors price updates (including errors & battery levels)

– ESL system support LAN mode and Cloud mode;you can manage the label anywhere and anytime.

– Best & high quality e-paper display (supersedes other models on the market).

– Energy-efficient (battery life- 5 years, with 2 changes a day).

– Customize Eastsun ESL with your logo.

– Wide angle view- read from every angle.

– Quick updating,Stable,reliable,low power consumption,strong anti-interference,covering a wide range using  RF 433mhz two-way transmission.

– Seamless installation & integration into retailers system.

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2.1inch esl (3).jpg E-E21 Model
Format:Dot matrix pixel display
Display Color:Black& White&Red
Effective display region:48x23mm
Viewing angle:175℃


                            E-E29 Model 2.9inch ESL (7).jpg
Format:Dot matrix pixel display 
Display Color:Black/White/Red
Effective display region:48x23mm
Viewing angle:175℃


4.2inch ESL (1).jpg E-E42 Model
Format:Dot matrix pixel display
Display Color:Black& White&Red
Effective display region:84x62mm
Viewing angle:175℃


E-E75 Model 7.5inch ESL (9).jpg
Format:Dot matrix pixel display
Display Color:Black& White&Red
Effective display region:163.2x97.92mm
Viewing angle:175℃




1 set ESL demo kit include:

2x 2.1" E-ink 3 colors electronic shelf label

2x 2.9" E-ink 3 colors electronic shelf label

1x 4.2" E-ink 3 colors electronic shelf label

1x 7.5" E-ink 3 colors electronic shelf label

1x Wireless base station (433MHz)

1x Charger+Power cable

1x Network Cable

2x Antenna

1x ESL PDA(Android)

1x Shelf rail 2.1’’&2.9’’&4.2’’ESL

1x hook bracket for 2.1’’&2.9’’&4.2’’ESL

1x Display holder for 7.5’’ESL

1x Magnetic clip for 4.2’’ESL

1x Clip for 4.2’’ESL

1x ESL standard version software(download)

1x PDA apk

1x webservice SDK/API(support C# program language)

1x ESL system user manual

1x ESL PDA user manual

1x SDK manual

1x ESL system Troubleshooting and Solution

1x Remote technical support(teamviewer&anydesk)

DEOM A.jpg






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Packaging & Shipping

electronic shelf laebl 160pcs/ctn,44x31x23cm,11.7kg,We use standard export carton packing, More photos and information can be updated upon receipt of your reply

in stock :3-7workdays

no spot :60 workdays




Company Information





 Zhuhai Eastsun Technology Co,.Ltd, EASTSUN was founded in Zhuhai at 2012, devote to technology research and development about ESL visualization,IOT RFID location identify etc. Acquire multiterm proprietary technology authentication from Country. It’s nation-level high-tech enterprise with experience for provide IOT integrate solution and SI service provider at China.


       Smart informatization develop at different industrial Base on retail,manufacture,warehouse logistics etc. Eastsun support low power consumption ,strong penetrate IOT communication technology. And define product feature from multiaspect such as system quality stability,system cost,product appearance etc. Independent research and development multi ESL,RFID series hardware product. Provide reliable integrate solution for customer, serve clients for efficacious reduce cost, lifting efficiency and enterprise competitiveness.


       Depend on team with abundant experience for product development, excellent technical strength, profound understanding for industry development, deep culture smart informationalized at each industry field, result in enterprise maximizing the benefits,deepen IOT information technology, assistance enterprise sustainability develop for all industry field.



1.Does  ESL uses E-ink display screen?


2.Which are the functions of the RF bar code scanner.

A:The RF bar code scanner is mainly for quickly binding ESL tag to products.The scanner recognize the bar code of the product and ESL price tag.

(Main function:Wake up, binding and disable ESL price tag )

3.Which are the information that we have to take into account in order to define the number of base stations to be installed in an store or Warehouse (distance between base stations, warehouse dimensions, number of tags, products)?

A: One base station can control <2000pieces of ESL price tag in R=25M,1000 square meters area via 433mhz frequency.

The number of base station depends on the layout, tag density and scale of the area where you want to install the tags. it is better that you give us your store plan , we will calculate for you.

4.How to integrate the POS system to ESL system?

A:We have done a data interface (a CSV file format is used to store the name of commodity, price data, bar code, origin and other documents).The information is updated in the POS system then the ESL server will sync the update and transmit updated information to the tags automatically.

5.What language does your ESL software support?

A:ESL price tag no language restrictions,ESL software support Chinese and English,other Languages can be developed by customer’s request.

Price Terms︰ FOB Zhuhai

Payment Terms︰ TT,Western Union ,Paypal

Packing︰ 1set/ctn

Lead Time︰ 5-7 workdays

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